McGrath Law Firm's Mission is to give you the home you were promised
when you bought or built your house.

For over 15 years we have represented thousands of homeowners and families whose homes are damaged from construction defects and shoddy workmanship. We hold builders responsible for shortcuts taken during construction and the resulting damage and lost property value. We protect the rights of families and homeowners from unscrupulous builders, real estate agents, home inspectors and pest control companies every day. Even though many have called and asked, McGrath Law Firm will never defend a bad builder.

Buying a new home should give a homeowner peace of mind and assurance for years to come. Your home is supposed to be where you escape from the challenges of the day, not where problems are waiting for you. Buyers have every right to expect an investment in a new home guarantees them it is defect free.

While no new home is completely perfect, serious construction defects occur every day. Unfortunately, the majority of new homes sold today suffer from hidden or latent defects and building code violations that can't be seen after the house is complete - even by a trained inspector. We sincerely hope you purchased a defect-free house, but if your home has leaks, cracks, sagging or mold, contact McGrath Law Firm. We have successfully compelled hundreds of builders to pay for repairs, lost property values and the heartache they have caused for the families they profited from. The McGrath Law Firm has also forced builders to buy back dozens of the most severely defective homes.

  • You are Our Clients

    McGrath Law Firm represents families, individual homeowners, Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations whose property is damaged or whose well-being suffers as a result of construction defects.
  • When should I contact McGrath Law Firm?

    If you find a leak, crack or other damage in your home, contact us immediately if you have questions about home construction defects. If you wait, you may miss an important deadline that affects your ability to seek repairs and compensation from your bad builder.

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  • Is this your builder?

    McGrath Law Firm brings claims against Builders, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors and Pest Control Companies.
    Click here for a list of builders that McGrath Law Firm is has recently or is currently pursuing claims against.

    Contact McGrath Law Firm:
    ...if your builder is John Daniel Homes Inc. We have confirmed that all homes built by John Daniel Homes may have building code violations.
    ...if your builder is Jeff Benton Homes. McGrath Law Firm is currently representing homeowners who purchased a Jeff Benton house.
  • Construction Defects

    If your builder or contractor's work is the cause of the defect in your home, the builder can be held responsible for up to 20 years after the house is completed under Alabama law. Learn about common construction defects, signs & symptoms of the problem, and your next steps for action.

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